A selection of resources from around the web. I provide this not as an endorsement, but to save you time googling. I am not a doctor and none of this should be construed as medical advice, or a substitute for medical advice.


Medical Organizations

National Vulvodynia Association www.nva.org

Patty Brisben Foundation for Women's Sexual Health www.pattybrisbenfoundation.com

International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health www.isswsh.org 

International Pelvic Pain Society  www.pelvicpain.org

Section on Women's Health (Physical Therapy) www.womenshealthapta.org

The Center for Vulvovaginal Disorders www.cvvd.org

International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal Disorders www.issvd.org

Vulval Pain Society, UK www.vulvalpainsociety.org

Pudendal Neuralgia Association  www.pudendalassociation.org

Women's Health Foundation (all about pelvic health) www.womenshealthfoundation.org

Chronic Pain Research Alliance www.tmjds.org/drupal/


Physical Therapy Websites

Beyond Basics Physical Therapy www.beyondbasicsphysicaltherapy.com

Sullivan Physical Therapy, Austin TX www.sullivanphysicaltherapy.com

Foundational Concepts, Kansas City MO www.foundationalconcepts.net

Avila PT, NC www.avilapt.com

Pelvic Health & Rehab Center, SF CA www.pelvicpainrehab.com

Pelvic Support Physiotherapy, Ottawa www.pelvicsupport.com

EMH Physical Therapy www.emhphysicaltherapy.com

Clear Passage www.clearpassage.com

Fusion Wellness PT www.fusionwellnesspt.com

Proaxis Therapy Pelvic PT www.proaxispelvicpt.wordpress.com

Tanner Therapies, LLC www.hollyctanner.com

Entropy PT www.entropy-physio.com

Restore Physical Therapy and Wellness, Hadley MA www.restorewell.com/womens-health.html

Forefront Physical Therapy, Oakland CA www.forefrontphysicaltherapy.com

UCSF Medical Center Chronic Pelvic Pain Center www.ucsfhealth.org/clinics/chronic_pelvic_pain_center/

Liz Miracle www.miraclept.com 

Sarton Physical Therapy www.pelvichealing.com

Tianna Meritage-Reiter www.mindbodymovement.org


Western Medical Providers Other Than Physical Therapists (got any more suggestions? help me out here!)

San Diego Sexual Medicine www.sandiegosexualmedicine.com

Dr Rose Hartzell, LMFT, Certified Sex Therapist www.drrosehartzell.com

Dr John S McDonald www.pacificpelvicpain.com

Dr Joanne Badger www.stanfordhealthcare.org/doctors/b/joanna-badger.html


Yoga for Pelvic Pain

Me! www.faithcornwall.com

Dustienne Miller www.yourpaceyoga.com

Leslie Howard www.lesliehowardyoga.com

List of teachers certified by Leslie Howard, by state: www.lesliehowardyoga.com/certified-teachers-for-pelvic-floor/

Tianna Meritage-Reiter www.mindbodymovement.org

Shelly Prosko, Canadian PT/yoga teacher who does pelvic pain workshops www.physioyoga.ca

Womb Yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli (not pain-specific, but totally awesome and relevant) www.wombyoga.org

"Yoni Shakti: Freedom and Power for Women through Yoga and Tantra" 650 page book by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli


Pelvic Pain Coaches

Gail Kenny www.gailkennylifecoach.com

Lorraine Faehndrich www.radiantlifedesign.com

Abigail Steidley www.abigailsteidley.com

Sarah Kennedy www.sarahjkennedy.com


Support & MeetUp Groups

Yoga for Healing Pelvic Pain - SF Bay Area (my group) www.meetup.com/PelvicWarriors/

Orange County Chronic Pelvic Pain Support Group www.meetup.com/Orange-County-chronic-pelvic-pain-support-group/

Support Group for Women Who Experience Pain During Sex (Berkeley, CA)  www.meetup.com/Support-Group-for-Women-Who-Experience-Pain-During-Sex/

Charlotte Interstital Cystitis Support Group www.meetup.com/Charlotte-Interstitial-Cystitis-Support-Group/

Oregon Vulvodynia Support Group www.meetup.com/Oregon-Vulvodynia-Support-Group/

Vulvodynia Support Group (Atlanta GA) www.meetup.com/Breaking-the-silence-about-female-pain/

Long Island Women's Health Healing Group www.meetup.com/Long-Island-Womens-Health-Healing-Group/

Downtown Vancouver Chronic Pelvic Pain Support Group www.meetup.com/Downtown-Vancouver-Chronic-Pelvic-Pain-Support-Group/

Orlando Women's Health Events www.meetup.com/Orlando-WHevents/

Online forum www.vulvodyniasupport.forumotion.net/

Link to a closed Facebook group: www.vulvodyniasupport.forumotion.net/t2043-secret-facebook-group-other-forums?highlight=facebook


Blogs Written by Patients

Some of these blogs are current and updated regularly, while others are more sporadic. If you like their blog, be sure to subscribe and let them know that you appreciate their stories!

When Sex Hurts There is Hope www.whensexhurtsthereishope.com 

That Sexual Healing www.thatsexualhealing.wordpress.com

Danielle Lavieri www.daniellelavieri.wordpress.com

Oklahoma Women's IC & Pelvic Pain Support www.ichopeok.blogspot.com 

Pretty with Pelvic Pain www.prettywith.com

The Apprehensive Vagina www.theapprehensivevagina.wordpress.com

Mad Peach www.madpeach.blogspot.com

Sky Circles www.sky-circles.blogspot.com

Life with Vulvodynia and Pudendal Neuralgia www.lifewithvulvodynia.blogspot.com

Vagina Haiku www.vaginahaiku.blogspot.com

Whoa is my Who-Ha www.whoaismywhohaa.blogspot.com/

The Three Amigos www.the3amigos-vulvarvestibilitis-pfd-ic.blogspot.com

Whispering Butterfly www.whisperingbutterfly.wordpress.com


Blogs Written by Care Providers

The Hoo-Hoo Whisperer http://hoohoowhisperer.com/

Blog About Pelvic Pain www.blogaboutpelvicpain.com 

Pelvic Pain Rehab www.pelvicpainrehab.com/blog

Alliance for Pelvic Pain www.allianceforpelvicpain.com/blog.html

Pelvic Wellness Center www.pelvicwellnesscenter.com/blog

What's Up Down There? www.whatsupdownthere.blogspot.com

Beyond Basics PT www.beyondbasicspt.wordpress.com

Pelvic Guru www.pelvicguru.com

Sue Croft Physiotherapist www.suecroftphysiotherapistblog.wordpress.com

The Pelvic Chronicles www.foundationalconcepts.net/the-pelvic-chronicles

EMH Physical Therapy www.emhphysicaltherapy.com/blog

Talli Rosenbaum, sex therapist www.tallirosenbaum.com/en/blog

Proaxis Therapy Pelvic PT www.proaxispelvicpt.wordpress.com

Sarah Kennedy "Viva la Vulva" www.lifewinsagain.com




"Prevalence of Symptoms Consistent with a Diagnosis of Vulvodynia" American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (AJOG) Vol 210 Issue 1 p. 40.e1 - 40.e8, January 2014.

"Prevalence and Demographic Characteristics of Vulvodynia in a Population-based Sample"  AJOG Vol 206 Issue 2 p.170.e1-170.e9 February 2012.

"Female Sexual Function and the Pelvic Floor" Expert Reviews in Obstetrics & Gynecology. 2009;4(2):165-178. www.medscape.com

For more research, go to www.ajog.org or become a member of the National Vulvodynia Association at www.nva.org



Pelvic Pain Solutions www.pelvicpainsolutions.com

Pelvic Track App www.pelvictrack.com

Vuvatech Magnetic Dilators www.vuvatech.com

Thinx "Period Panties for the Modern Woman" www.shethinx.com

Dear Kate (high-tech period panties) www.dearkates.com

Go Commandos, the underwear alternative (adhesive cotton crotch without the panties) www.gocommandos.com


Additional Resources

Great interview with a wonderful woman who just happens to live with painful sex, www.jesslively.com/jessecoulter/

Sex, Science, and Nature www.sexscienceandnature.com

"Why Things Hurt" Lorimer Mosely, TEDx Adelaide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwd-wLdIHjs 

Urological Health News (also has articles on pain) www.urologicalhealthnews.com 

Fun, informative workshops on the female pelvic floor www.lesliehowardyoga.com

Pelvic Zen Radio www.blogtalkradio.com/pelviczen

Pelvic Messenger Radio www.blogtalkradio.com/pelvicmessenger

Pelvic Pain Support Network (UK) www.pelvicpain.org.uk

Cure Together www.curetogether.com/vulvodynia/symptoms/

Our Bodies, Ourselves www.ourbodiesourselves.org/health-info/vulvodynia/

HysterSisters www.hystersisters.com

VulvaLoveLovely Etsy Shop www.etsy.com/shop/VulvaLoveLovely

New York Times article http://nyti.ms/1o6PLSZ

Certified Pelvic Rehab Practitioners www.hermanwallace.com/certified-pelvic-rehabilitation-practitioners

Body in Mind: Research into the Role of the Brain and Mind in Chronic Pain. University of South Adelaide, Australia. www.bodyinMind.org A great website with lots of easy-to-understand articles on chronic pain.



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