This site was born in July 2014 as, which is a really cool Sanksrit name (yes, I'm a yoga nerd) that managed to confuse everyone and contribute to the idea that the female pelvis is unknowable, impossible to understand, or strange! Oh geez. An explanation of that term remains below.

The new name "My V Matters" is easy to remember and pronounce and affirms the importance of this topic. "V" stands for vulva and vagina (and vestibule, where the two come together); the shape of the letter "v" also echoes the shape of the region it describes. And have you noticed that if you make a "V" with your first and middle fingers you have just made a symbol that we understand to mean "peace?" 

Importantly, the new name does not use any of the many terms for female genitalia that are either unappealingly medical, or could be interpreted as offensive, derisive, infantile, or shameful. Phew. Lots of potholes to dodge there, my friends!

I hope you enjoy the new name. "My V Matters" and yours does too!

*  *  *

About the Term "YatraYoni"

Yoni is Sanskrit for the female organs of reproduction as a group, or individually: uterus, vulva, vagina. It can also mean "origin," "source," "fountain," or "nest." There is no direct translation into English, but "yoni" is a wonderful way to refer to the power that lies between our hips.

Yatra is Sanskrit for "pilgrimage" or "journey." Sanskrit is a very rich language and some words have many meanings, with the intended meaning dependent on the context. Yatra can also mean "travel," "feast," "festival," "practice," "way," "means," and "support of life," all of which help to describe the goals of this website.

(It can also mean "passing away time," which is perhaps what you are doing right now, hmmm?)

YatraYoni together therefore means the journey of the feminine, a journey which this website is wholly committed to supporting, for you and women everywhere.

This video is about how got its name. is a patient support website and does not intend to take the place of the relationship between patient and personal physician.