Good Times

Hey all! Last week's posts were inspired by a trip to Florida with my in-laws. This week I thought I would share some images from the trip and thoughts I had, for funsies....

Here's one of the postcards I sent out:

We started out in Orlando cuz the in-laws had to hit up the theme parks and the outlets. Theme parks and shopping? This is exactly the kind of trip I would  never take. But as my sister says, we have family so we hang out with people we never would otherwise, so off I went, determined to go with the flow and have tons of fun.

And gosh darn it I did. 

I screamed on the roller coasters, stared in awe at penguins and dolphins, and went on every ride at the water park. I made up fairytales featuring my niece and her favorite Disney princess, Cinderella, as the heroines. I ate my weight in candy, and went along to the outlets and happily got some great finds.

It was really great having an opportunity to be with my in-laws in an energetic and happy, pain-free state, something I have (almost) never experienced.  This trip was even more fun than my first trip with them - before I developed vulvodynia - because I have grown so much and become a much stronger, more relaxed person. 

I share this to let you know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, that you too can heal your body, mind, and soul. Pelvic pain won't necessarily be around forever. Keep truckin', darling.

Good things await!