The Crazy Zone, Part 3

The third tool I have been using during this busy time is walking at a reasonable pace and waiting for stoplights.


I am usually one to scurry across the street as soon as traffic is clear, or I race to cross while the light is yellow. I see the seconds counting down and must get to the other side! This habit keeps me in a a "Go, go go!" mode, spinning the hamster wheel faster and faster.

I've been a scurry-er my whole life. Only in the last month have I allowed. Myself. To. Wait.

Shock of all shocks, the wait is not long. The light inevitably changes, and off I go, calmer and more centered. It doesn't take much longer, and I arrive at my destination feeling so much better than if I had rushed.

The same technique can be used while driving or biking (I live in an area where a lot of people use bikes for transportation.)

Simple? Yes indeed. It doesn't take much for us to calm our nervous systems and reduce the seemingly constant stress in our lives, allowing our bodies more space to heal.

I would love to hear any simple tools you use to deal with The Crazy Zone. What keeps you calm amidst chaos?