Public vs Private

There is a post I've been wanting to write. I've been mulling it over, rolling it through my hands like a piece of clay, trying to see what shape it could take.

But I probably won't write it, and if I do, I won't publish it. Not now, anyway.

Why? Because at the end of the day, this website is open to anyone. There is a benefit to that - it shines light on a woefully ignored and often shame-filled topic - but drawbacks too. As much as I have been willing to share here, there is more that I have been holding back.

And I suspect you have been too.

In my experience and opinion it is important for people sharing an experience to draw boundaries and have a dedicated, safe, and private space to hash out their issues. 

This space is not that. Although I know only a few readers personally, among those few are friends who don't suffer from pelvic pain - they want to support my project or are curious about my writing. That's all well and good, but it doesn't allow for the process a closed space provides.

I've been thinking about how to remedy this. I don't want to stop having a public blog - it plays an important role - but I think this website can provide a lot more.

What features will it have? How will I build it? How do I ensure that it's members are all and only women with chronic pelvic pain disorders?

(Significant others, loved ones, you will have to wait - I realize that you may like a dedicated space too, but this one is not for you.)

I have ideas and proposals, but not answers to these questions. If you have ideas or suggestions I'd love to hear them. You can contact me here.

Thank you!