Gettin' yer sexy on...Yes, it's possible

Highly relevant post over at this week!

Jenni answers a great question from a reader, "How can I learn sexual confidence in spite of my illness/disability?"

I hope that her answer will be of use to you. I found it very encouraging since it reminded me of the fact that pelvic pain sufferers are not the only folks challenged with creating rewarding sex lives. Yup, it affects other folks with chronic illness, and let's face it, pretty much any human being.

Sexuality is about the whole person, not just the parts.

Remember to read the comments to see additional resources suggested by the awesome Chronic Babe community, and hear about their challenges and successes. 

Here's to a randy weekend!

* * *

A note on the heart graphic:

One of my Women's and Gender Studies friends in college told me that the heart symbol evolved from a stylized depiction of a woman's vulva, viewed straight on, with her lifting the top two corners to show it off. I have no way to verify this, but I love the idea of replacing the heart's sappy innocence with something brash and carnal. It makes me smile a subversive smile whenever I see them...Rowr!