Pelvic Pain Runway: Skinny Jean Alternatives

Skinny jeans were just becoming hot when I was diagnosed with vulvodynia. I was so disappointed (okay, totally pissed) that this awesome trend was one I would have to pass on. But things are looking up for the pelvic pain crowd: this article in Lucky Magazine, "Are Skinny Jeans Dead?" identifies no less than seven relaxed shapes that have emerged over the past couple of years and appear to be edging out the skinny jean. They are:

I already love me some printed pajama pants, and am drooling over various versions of dressy sweat pants. I've also seen a number of sweatpants that aren't as dressy, but with low gussets and roomy hips, are a very pelvic pain friendly style if you can pull off the slouchy tapered ankles look. And how about a floral print? ooooh. Lovin' it!

See more fun comfy pant outfit inspiration on my Pinterest page, and remember I always welcome your fashion photos. What are your go to pelvic-pain friendly pants?