Lazy Late Summer

After coming back from a busy and fun vacation, I found myself craving a bit of quiet time. It felt like I had been going, going, going, since...well, for a long time, at any rate. Rather than jumping back into my old routine, I gave myself the gift of taking it easy, slowly coming back to daily life. I took naps, laid in the hammock, watched the late summer unfold.

I found these quiet moments so nourishing.

As we close in on the autumn equinox (Tuesday, September 23rd), the shorter days nudge my body and mind to take stock of the summer's bounty. The idea for this website poked it's head up in the spring, and finally came into being in the summer. I am so grateful for this site, for this blog, for the opportunity to help raise awareness about pelvic pain. 

What crop have you cultivated this summer? How is your life unfolding?