Big News! I'm launching one of the first Pelvic Pain Yoga classes in the nation!

I'm starting a Yoga for Healing Pelvic Pain class here in Berkeley CA. I posted it on And - holy cow -


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The only two yoga teachers I know who specialize in pelvic health are Leslie Howard and Dustienne Miller (they are on my resources page - but you already knew that, right?)

Leslie specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction, including pain, and teaches workshops, private sessions, and has online downloads - but no public classes.

Dustienne is a physical therapist and sells DVDs for pelvic pain and dysfunction online, offers private sessions via Skype, and has public classes in the Boston area (which are finally listed on her newly revamped website as of about a week ago!) Two of her classes are entitled Gentle Yoga: Releasing the Pelvis (Yoga for Pelvic, Hip, and Back Pain.) Hopefully now that her public classes are listed on her website, more people will be able to find them.

As for additional teachers, Leslie offers teacher trainings on the topic of pelvic health, but the students of hers I have been able to find only teach workshops or private sessions. Some do not have pelvic-specific offerings at all.


I'm pretty sure that Dustienne wins the prize for having the first public yoga classes for pelvic pain in the United States. Definitely the only ones you can find on the internet. Props to her!

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I am sooooo excited to be launching the United State's second public pelvic pain yoga class!

It's time has come. (Correction: it is way overdue. Why in the hell are there only two women's pelvic health specialist yoga teachers in the US of A, a country that has 20 million yoga practitioners, 80% of whom are women and presumably have pelvises?)

This class is so important because although yoga can be a huge help in managing pelvic pain, not all yoga is created equal.

Some styles and specific postures are inappropriate or contraindicated for pelvic pain, but since 99.9999% or yoga teachers don't know that (and 99.9999% of their students who have issues with pelvic pain won't tell said yoga teachers about their situation,) women can end up having a bad experience with a tool that can be a great help.


Tell all your friends! I sure as heck am.

You can refer them to:, where they can learn all about it and get linked on over to Meet Up.

And my MeetUp URL? Well that's also awesome. It's


ps do you know of any other pelvic pain yoga classes or teachers? let me know here!