A Genius Thought on Self-Care!

"Treat self care as a holy practice to commune with the divine." 

Here I am sitting at the courthouse, waiting for jury duty to start and flipping through my emails. And then I saw that buried in a blog post from Leonie Dawson (a gorgeously messy and soulful woman if there ever was one). Holy cow I had to pass it on. 

It's so amazing and beautiful and awesome and I love it!

I have long known that self-care is important, but I have never thought of it is a vehicle to be with the divine. And yet - looking back over my life, it's the periods when I care for myself the best that I feel most at one with God. The crazy-making stress is worst when I am not caring for myself, and thus feeling distant from my relationship with the universe and my spirit.

Love it! Love. It.


* * *

PS Did this post get your brain gears crankin'?

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