2016 Patient Conference

Here I am, back from my break and armed with oodles of clarity for the coming year!


Turns out December is a terrible month to take a break from blogging if the goal is clarity of purpose.

I was so distracted by the holidays and its inevitable disruption to routine that I didn't get as much of a sense of how the absence of writing and teaching about v pain affected my life. 

As such I am still feeling it out, trying to figure out what my options are and where to head next.


the Alliance for Pelvic Pain is having their second patient retreat May 20-22 and discounted early bird registration ends February 1st!

This event is unique in that it is an educational conference for patients, not doctors. If you are interested, you can learn more on their website here.

I hope your holidays were wonderful and you are excited about starting this beautiful new year.

Happy 2016 everybody!