Introducing New Writer Laura!

Hi there everyone! How is it halfway through the year already?? 

Way back in January I realized that it was time for me to move onto other projects, but I didn't want to let this site become a ghost site. I crossed my fingers and asked if any of you would like to step up and take over for a year. Miraculously, my shot in the dark worked!

Over the past few months the new writer and I have been corresponding back and forth across a continent and an ocean and eight time zones, figuring out the details of this transition (and completely neglecting you I'm afraid. Ha ha.)

I am so pleased to welcome LAURA as the new writer on this site! Since I live in the US and she in the UK, her presence will make this site international, which makes me really excited. I thinks it's important to note that v pain is a global issue, though as far as I know we have no statistics on whether rates vary or are similar in different regions around the world. (Research project anyone?)

In addition to writing here, Laura will be playing around with our Facebook page and our new Twitter handle, @myVmatters. If you fill out the website contact form, it will go to her.

As for me, I will still be here, writing posts occasionally. I am by no means leaving my passion for women's and holistic health behind, only exploring new avenues for them. If you are still interested in reaching me, you can do so here.

Although Laura and I have chatted about what we are doing with this site, our plans are not set in stone. We are learning (ahem, making things up) as we go.

I am so excited to read Laura's posts and see what the next year brings for My V Matters!

As always, thank you so much for coming along on this crazy ride with us...

Here's to new adventures!