Support the Revolution! ChronicBabe 101 Book Coming Our Way

Hopefully you are already familiar with, a website dedicated to helping young women with chronic illness build fabulous lives. I've re-posted and commented on some ChronicBabe posts in the past.

Founder Jenni Prokopy is putting together a book based on over ten years of running ChronicBabe, and she is using Kickstarter to fund it. Kickstarter is an "all-or-nothing" platform, so hop on over, even a buck will help: 

Donate to ChronicBabe Kickstarter Fund!

Like all Kickstarter projects, each donation level gets a 'reward,' a thank you for your contribution. Unlike other projects that require you to lay out big bucks to get a reward, Jenni's rewards start at yes, just a buck, so no excuse not to chip in!

Deadline is Friday March 27th, but you'll totally donate right now, right?

If you don't already get Jenni's weekly blog/vlog posts, sign up here.