My sister recently sent me an article about a new product to ease menstrual cramps, a THC and CBD infused vaginal suppository. Yup, THC and CBD as in weed.

I am intrigued.

Apparently the product, Foria Relief, was engineered to provide the cramp relief marijuana can provide without getting the user high. Awesome. I don't always cramp, but when I do they can be vicious and do not respond at all to painkillers, so I am definitely interested.

BUT I am also super curious as to whether Foria Relief could help women with really tight pelvic floor muscles. It is supposed to be inserted as high into the vagina as possible, to be in close proximity to the intended target of the muscles of the uterus. Could it also affect neighboring pelvic floor muscles?  If not, is there another way to engineer or apply the active ingredients so that it could be helpful?

Since Foria's products are marijuana-based, they are currently only available in California and Colorado. If you live there or close by, it might be worth talking to your doctor about it - or writing to Foria to see if they would be willing to collaborate with an OBGYN or PT to make a new product! That's not crazy talk - this product came about because an OBGYN proposed it to the company.

Also worth noting: Foria's first product was a weed-based topical libido enhancer, Foria Pleasure. I think it's really cool that there is something out there other than can find out more on the Foria website.

Has anyone used a Foria product? I'd be curious to hear of your experience!