Any interest in a Facebook forum?

One of the features I would really like to have on this site sooner rather than later is a forum, a way for you to connect with each other. I have looked into various ways of doing this, but for many reasons (time, money, lack of technological expertise) none of them are going to happen any time soon, with the exception of a "Closed" Facebook group, the most private of the three Facebook Group options. (You can learn more about the levels of privacy Facebook offers groups here.)

Would anyone be interested in joining such a group? If so, let me know where to find you on Facebook - I can't start one without people to invite to it.  I also would like to know what you are interested in in terms of ground rules for the group. What guidelines would make this space safe and appealing? (You can respond in the comments below if you would like to start a conversation, or contact me privately here.)

If you aren't interested in a Facebook group, but would be interested in some other type of forum, please let me know why Facebook wouldn't work for you and why the other option would.

I know that all of you have knowledge and experience that is just sitting there waiting to be shared and leveraged! If there is some other way that you would like to participate in some kind of group support, holler at me.

* * *

PS Tomorrow I am headed out of town for three weeks of much needed vacation! Woo hoo! I don't plan on writing unless the spirit moves me, but I will be watching my inbox, so if folks want a Facebook group I can probably toss that together on the road.