Holy Shazaam! Awesome New Meet Up Groups!

Remember how I started a Yoga for Healing Pelvic Pain group on Meet Up?

Curious, I did a search to see if there are other Meet Up groups addressing women’s chronic pelvic pain. Yes! There are nine groups…all started in the last ten months.

Crazy, right? 

One of the organizers I already know (I met her at the IPPS Meeting In October) and one of them I just met as it turns out we live in the same area!

This is so cool!

I would love to make something out of this momentum. For you, I created a new section on the Resources page, “Support & Meet Up Groups,” and added all of them. I also contacted each group letting them know what I was up to and asking how we could support one another.

Frankly, given the paucity of resources available for women with CPP, the fact that our groups exist is in itself revolutionary.

If you live close by to any of these Meet Ups, check 'em out! And if you don't, start one.

TIP: Nervous about people eavesdropping on your vah-jay-jay conversation at the local Starbucks? I recommend the "walk and talk." Find a pretty public park or walking path, and chat as you go along. If anyone comes too near while you are discussing something particularly private, you can subtly pause before resuming your conversation when they are out of earshot. I have done this before - much better than whispering while elbow to elbow with the dudes sipping cappuccino at the next table.

Lastly, do YOU have any ideas on how these groups can support or network with each other? I’d love to hear ‘em.