VPAQ Reminder - Due March 1st!

Hey everyone! I wrote about this back in January but here is your timely reminder in case you missed it:

The VPAQ questionnaires are due next Monday March 1st! So hop on over and get yours done!

What is the VPAQ? The Vulvar Pain Assessment Questionnaire, conducted by Queen's University in Ontario. They are trying to get more information about vulvar pain, from the perspective of patients.

It's a lot of multiple choice questions, but you also get to respond to open-ended queries such as "What has seeking medical attention been like for you?"

It was sweet, sweet pleasure answering that one...I could finally unload all of the miserable details of the past ten years in a productive way.

So curl up with your computer and help others help you!


PS If you found me over the weekend thanks to my winning B-School video, WELCOME! I am so glad that you are here. As you may have guessed given the B-School application, I've got a lot going on in the background to grow this little website in the coming months. 

Contact me, even if it is just to say hi. It's fun to when a new subscriber becomes more than an email address and I get to hear a bit about you.

PPS As of this morning that little YouTube video had over 920 hits. Maybe by the time you receive this it will have reached 1,000?