Oh Thank God

WARNING: More details of my sex life. Relatives, you know the drill. Skip it.


Remember how things were going well, and then they tanked?

Thankfully things got better over the weekend. I did only one rep of my two PT exercises Thursday and Friday, and then modified to make them easier over the weekend, still keeping them at one rep.

Saturday during the day the vulvar pain subsided, down to a dull ache in the right side of my PFM. Persistent, noticeable, but doable. I even wore jeans that day (made possible because I recently lost a few pounds and they are pretty loose on me.) A victory, as the day before I had endured the humiliation of wearing fleece cozy pants to a meeting with someone I hadn't met before. I consoled myself by dressing nicely from the waist up and the ankles down, and reminding myself that at least said meeting was held at a table so my sloppy bottom half would not be too noticeable.

Saturday night was rough again - for some reason the muscle tension was gripping like crazy again despite my pelvic floor drops and deep breaths, so I spent much of the evening sitting on an ice pack.

Thankfully on Sunday I saw some marked improvement, and even had intercourse that afternoon. (Afternoon sex! My favorite!) It wasn't as long as I would have like, as the pain did start to creep back, but still - considering how shitty I had felt just the night before it was pretty awesome.

Even though I haven't started the new internal estrogen cream, my personally produced slippery stuff also began to reappear. Thank god. I'll still get the new prescription to have on hand, because if there is one thing I have learned over the past week and a half it is who knows what will happened next.

So, not out of the woods yet. But better. The changes over the past few weeks have definitely been the fastest and most dramatic I have ever had in the past ten years, whatever that means.

As Dinah Washington famously sang,

What a difference a day makes.

* * * 

Need to procrastinate? Bonus Funsies below!

Dinah Washington's "What A Difference a Day Makes" (the famous version)

I found this one from Sarah Vaughn just today. Totally different from Dinah's and super fun:

And let's not forget to celebrate the joys of afternoon sex: Sing it, Starland Vocal Band!