Help me End V Pain with a Tweet and a Post!

We all want effective treatments for V pain, right? In order for that to happen, we of course need to build public awareness. Without public awareness, there will be no demand for treatment, and without demand, there will be no supply!

Therefore in order for hurting vaginas to become happy vaginas, we need to create an effective communication, i.e. marketing, campaign. Which is exactly what I am going to do. 

I've entered a scholarship contest for Marie Forleo's B-School program, a course about non-sleazy, totally awesome online marketing for big-hearted people who want to change the world.

It will increase my chances of winning if my 90 second video is tweeted like crazy and posted on Facebook a gajillion times. Please help me out!

Note: If you don't want to "out" yourself, you can totally get around that by framing it as "I heard about this from a friend of a friend and thought it was cool, re-tweet this!" or "I know someone who is affected by this health issue so I'd love to spread the word! Re-post this!" (and the person you "know" can be me, not you, ya know?)

The contest goes from now to February 20th, so a Tweet and a post (or five) a day would be much appreciated. Put it on your calendar!




1.) Use the hashtag #winBschool and the link (That's what the scholarship committee is looking for.) 

2.) Use the combo of #womenshealth and #painfulsex to maximize the chance of re-tweets. Even people who have never heard of V pain will get it, and women generally care about women's health.

Sample - (It's tough getting an effective message into 140 characters, so feel free to use this verbatim):

#WomensHealth=important! Build awareness re: #painfulsex. Watch and re-tweet! #winBschool



1.) Use the terms @marieforleo's B-School#winBschool, (again, this is what the scholarship committee is looking for.)

2.) No one really "gets" terms like pelvic pain, pelvic health, or vulvodynia, so framing it in terms of women's health and painful sex makes it more likely that you will get people's attention. Include a "call to action:" an easy thing that people can do right away, like "watch the video," "like this!" or "please re-post." If you just say "Geez, this is depressing" or "Did you know about this?" the message won't get passed on.


"Holy crap have you seen this video? I had no idea lady part pain was so common! Build awareness about #painfulsex by helping this bad-ass lady win a scholarship to @marieforleo's B-School. Re-post and tweet the video with the #winBschool and link."

You can also re-post my posts ;) which can be found at and (The first is public, the second private - feel free to friend me if you are not comfortable being publicly associated with the YatraYoni page.)