Things I haven't tried so far (Laura)

Following my earlier post listing everything I've tried in order to heal, I am aware that while this is a very long list (!), it doesn't cover everything out there. I think the more you explore, the more you find to potentially try, which is a great thing and this has taken me on an inspiring journey along the way. However, there are some more obvious things for v pain which are distinctly missing from my earlier list and I'll explain below why they are not on there:

Low Oxalate Diet

This is a diet that eliminates, or vastly reduces, oxalates in the diet, with the thought that when we eliminate said oxalates through urination, they irritate the vulva area. I read a whole book on this then decided that it didn't resonate with me. I don't have pain on urination and most of the foods it tells you to eliminate are healthy foods and I didn't want to compromise the rest of my health.

Botox Injections to Numb the Nerves in the Area

I wondered about this but:

a) it only lasts a few months before you need the injections again

b) it is a cover up, not getting to the route of the problem 

c) I discussed it with my physio who was highly alarmed! She said it totally contradicted what she was doing with me and that I cannot work with the muscles to heal if I am consciously numbing them at the same time! Fair point 

Surgery to Remove the Painful Area(s)


Again, this will often be carried out without knowing what caused the pain in the first place, meaning that the cause could still be there.

I have read mixed reports on success rates but it looks to be in the region of ~20% chance of improvement (and even lower chance of a complete cure) and ~50% chance that it will get worse. Not great at all.

I did ask my gynaecologist about this years ago and he immediately advised against it as it is very disfiguring and doesn't have good success rates.


I'd be interested to know if any of you have had any success (or disappointments) with any of these treatments. If so, get in touch!