About Positivity

Hi, Laura here. Things have been pretty silent over on the blog for a few months so I apologise for not sharing the usual thoughts, news and anecdotes that you may have come accustomed to from Faith. I have had in my mind that I want this site to stay very upbeat and positive, yet I hadn't been feeling so upbeat in myself lately and so I had distanced myself.

Despite this though, I have been very aware that only allowing ourselves to be upbeat and positive all the time is only allowing a part of ourselves to be present. We are humans and must allow ourselves to feel the full range of human emotions. If we don't then this can stagnate within us, causing tension and even lead to chronic pain. Our bodies will find ways to communicate with us and sometimes that is through pain.

While I am fully hopeful of a complete cure from long term vulva pain, I am not yet cured.

I posted a while ago listing all sorts of medical (both western and eastern) treatments and practitioners that I have seen. It is usually met with a sympathetic lack of understanding and various ideas, but I am still here today, in pain. After many years of searching for an answer outside of me, I have come to believe that the answer is actually not an external thing.

So I have been exploring mind-body tools, looking into my past and learning to listen to my body. Expect more posts on this to come.